Trash To Treasure


So I am super excited to show you this dresser that a very nice couple with a superb view of Seneca Lake in beautiful Watkins Glen practically gave me.  It is huge and has a giant lattice mirror that I have other plans for – you will see that later.  Anyway here is the before:


Look at the lattice work in the center!! So cool!  Thank goodness Mr. Knight has a truck cause this gem is long and super heavy.  I took the drawers out and since we had such oddly warm weather I was able to do all the work in our garage.


I removed the hardware and sanded this baby taking extra care to smooth out some damage on the top.  The finish was eaten up by something and I smoothed it all out.  Now honestly I do not have the time or the patience to sand the entire piece.  I mean look at it and all its intricacies!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Anyway that is exactly why I bought this:


So you should buy it too if you don’t want to sand that much detail either.  Put a coat or two on and wait overnight.

The hardest part of this project was the “jewelry” aka the knobs.  I love their shape but I have never seen brass knobs that color before.  They were so encased in grunge I had to soak them in Kaboom and then scrub them with a bristle brush till my hands killed me.  When I did get down to the brass they were not looking pretty so I sanded them slightly and wiped them clean.  Now, they are literally like drop earrings, so I was stumped concerning how to spray paint them.  I came up with this:


I simply took a plastic container that mounting strips come in and popped a hole through the inside of the container with a nail and proceeded to insert the mounting screw through, screwed the knobs into their mounting screw and…..tah dah! Glossy black spray paint and walk away! No smudges or sticking to plastic while one side is drying!   I am sure there are even better solutions to this but this is what I came up with.

The second toughest part of this project was choosing the right blue.  I wanted a blue with a touch of grey and green.  I wanted it light but not too light and a cool blue (to compliment my cool red ) but not too cool.  So I did what I did when I decided to paint the living room purple in my first house (much to the dismay at the time of Mr. Knight) – I just mixed paints I had laying around at home.  I bought a Valspar greenish blue that I thought looked too green when I started to paint and it did not have enough grey, so I just added some blue and grey I already have.

So I carefully applied two coats (let each coat dry a few hours) and then one coat of ….


Miniwax polycrylic -it is a must! Read the directions – you have to allow it to dry and then sand lightly.  You should apply one more coat and dry (at least 48 hours please)

Add your pretty knobs………. (Hee hee!!! I’m so pleased)


It looks prettier in person actually….I love this blue and the pops of red.  Sigh – I will never buy new hard furniture again.  This has tons of storage and is so lovely I can’t stand it.  See what a Craigslist find and some paint can do?


See the drop earrings?  Cool!  Oh and did you check out my owl…he set me back 7 bucks including the flowers at Michael’s last week…..isn’t he the cutest?


Now when I watch television I stare at my dresser instead!

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