Painting the Fireplace


I painted my orangey maple surround on my fireplace this weekend and it was simple and much faster than I thought.  Like all the cabinets in my builder grade home my surround has been turning more and more orange over the years and even Mr. Knight (aka husband) doesn’t like it.  You see Mr. Knight suffered through my obsessive compulsive disorder  he calls “working on things” back when we bought our first house which was 200 years old and in constant need of my love.  When we built this house I kept my need to re-do at a minimum until recently.  Anyway a few months ago he mentioned that it should probably be white ….. Wow my gut to paint it is spot on!!!

So this is my fireplace as built:


Again nothing wrong with it but it needed a lift.  So out came the fine-grit sandpaper and primer that I found in the basement!  I know I didn’t prime my entry table but I decided to for this project and I think it really makes it easier and you use less paint. Orange is hard to cover.

I decided on Dove White from Lowe’s.  When their buy one get one free 8oz Valspar thingy was going on two weeks ago I picked up that color too -I recommend everyone buy paint on sale even when you don’t have an immediate plan for it.

So for $2.59 I painted this….yeah!!!

If you don’t normally do this lets run down:

1. Lightly sand

2. Clean

3. Tape off carefully

4. Prime and allow to dry:


Priming is not pretty and it’s ok – every time I prime I have to remind myself that it looks cruddy.

5. Paint

6. Allow to dry

7. Paint again- if I can recommend anything make sure you apply your paint in thin coats when you are painting on a vertical so you don’t get drips.  I had some and had to re-sand it wipe it and re-paint…. 😦

Only a few hours later….drum roll please…..


See how it pops now?  I know that there are purists around the globe that would be horrified by the idea of painting real wood.  I think wood was meant to be painted!  Look how it made the fireplace stand out as a feature whereas before it just blended in.  What needs a pick-me-up in your house?

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