The Being Creative Genome……


My imagination is endless and I conjure up crazy creative ideas that put into practice don’t always come out like I planned or imagined 😦 –  So when I started reading The Nester and her super wonderful fabulous blog I realized that I dont have to be perfect and it made me realize that I can still do and feel good about it.  So I continue to create and be creative regardless of the fact that it isn’t always great … example-


But I am sure you can relate to that one person in your life who always seems to get it right,  for me that person is my mom.   My parents didn’t always have money but my mother was always styling our homes (we moved A LOT when I was a kid).  No matter if it was the little apartment in Allentown Pa., or the little ranch in TX. mom was always rearranging, painting and refinishing furniture.  Her wall of baskets that traveled with us from condo to apartment to house (on and on) still influences my choices today.  But the crazy thing with mom is that she ALWAYS gets it right.  Her green thumb, her ability to sew, the fact that she can sketch and draw, her cooking skills – sigh – they are all perfection  – deep sigh-.  Don’t get me wrong, I am super proud and love to tell you all about mom…I just don’t quite have that gene :(.

So now that I have boys mom is still going strong and they are the recipients of her creativity more and more.

This is one of the castles she made from PACKING FOAM from some mini-appliance she bought from QVC.  She collects the packing material and digs up moss in her woodsy backyard and spray paints the whole thing….seriously.  Complete with guards and horses from Micheal’s 🙂

Castle 1

Below is the draw-bridge – check out the real moss sprayed with a lacquer and paint.  The pics do not do them justice and they are huge.  The boys love to go to Grand mom’s and Grand pop’s house and play with the castles.

Castle 2

Mom, you never cease to amaze me……

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