Just Another Blog Post on Painting Furniture….


So I am working on my entry room (on the cheap of course) and Mr. Knight is being very helpful entertaining the boys so I took full advantage of the day by giving my entry table a paint job.

There is really nothing wrong with it – I think originally it was supposed to be a sofa table that I swiped from my mother years ago and its still in great shape.  However I am going with my white phase and I decided to lighten things up.


So this is the table (I swiped out the plain wood knobs for some cute yellow flower clearance knobs from Pier One a few months ago – aren’t they sweet?) and this pic above is the sanding in progress.  If you don’t paint furniture on the regular you should consult an expert from a reputable paint store – I am not an expert – this is just how I do it and I am so impatient that my technique probably is not the one the experts would recommend.  Anyway, sanding is key in my experience and you don’t have to sand down to the bare wood but you do need to rough it up enough to make the paint adhere.  IMO you should not skip this.

After sanding, clean the heck out of it! Lather, rinse, repeat.  After it dries is when the fun begins.  Lowe’s has been running a buy one 8oz. sample paint get one free- that means for  roughly $2.50 you get a pint of Valspar in any color you want which is bueno when you only need a small amount of a certain color for a small job! 🙂 I chose Churchill Hotel Vanilla-sounds swanky!

My supplies


So this is the supplies – I bought good quality brushes that give a clean finish and cost enough to make me want to clean them thoroughly for next time.  Also-grab a plastic container from the drawer in your kitchen with the mismatched lidless to-go containers wide enough for the large brush.

When you paint you can prime first – I didn’t because I am impatient -but I did apply three thin coats and let each dry before starting the next.  I am sure you have heard you should keep a wet edge or something along those lines…I think it’ll be fine if you apply thin layers and are careful to work evenly with long blending strokes.  Wait a day and apply Miniwax Polycrylic – (I like satin finish) let that dry, sand lightly, wipe all the dust off and apply another coat.  I usually get antsy by then and cannot wait another day so once it’s dry to the touch I put everything back in place and parade Mr.Knight and the boys in front of my creation for them to see…..


Painting gives a big impact and as long as it is not your grandmother’s heirloom piece I say go ahead and give it a facelift!


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