Hunting and Gathering On The Cheap




i swear when I walk into HomeGoods I get giddy, every damn time. There is an estrogen draw in that place and they are pumping some sort of chemical through their HVAC system that makes every female in the place happy. If you haven’t been there go! It’s like lady’s night everyday and the few men being forced to walk the aisles with these ecstatic females look like they are in pain. It’s a weird mix of apathy and contempt.

Anyway, I don’t frequent it often but when I do I make a bee-line to the clearance areas immediately. Like some sort of ancient hunter-gatherer reaction I find that lovely vase, hand towel or framed mirror for about 70% off what they normally charge and I feel like I won some contest. This outing I picked up 3 frames for a total $17.50 and then headed to A.C. Moore for scrap booking paper for about $1.50. So for about 20 bucks I have a a trio of lovely for my wall and have satisfied my primal urge.

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