Show Your Spray Paint Love


I admit that I buy a lot of paint and if its on sale I stock up. Even colors I would never normally buy if I find it on sale I have to buy it. There is something so amazing about taking a piece of furniture or vase or some other item that you have had hidden away and clean it off and paint it white (or glossy black). For a mere 3 bucks you can transform some old frames into sparkling new gems. However…I think there comes a point when you have to put the spray paint down and let things be. I am working on drawing that line, anyway…Mr. Knight doesn’t tolerate spray paint smell so the winter weather makes it really difficult to feed my addiction to updating things. I have tried sneaking off into the basement super early on days home alone and some 6 or so hours later he can smell my dirty work the moment he walks in the door!! Argh!!
Spray painting gives a quick finish without tell-tale brush marks but the fumes make them only ideal outdoors….you can spray paint in the snow with plastic bags on the ground, just make sure it’s not actively SNOWING (trust me it doesn’t work!)
I do also paint in the garage – make sure you are far enough away from anything you wouldn’t want speckled with over spray…including your husbands truck…..
I updated these meaningful letters about an hour ago. Mr. Knight thought the gold color was just fine, I told him I am going through a white phase. 🙂


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