Why Craigslist is better than kohl’s



Mr. Knight in Shining Armor aka husband says we should watch our spending this week….
I found a white french provincial dresser in need of someone “to love it” on Craigslist not five minutes prior.
45 bucks!
Even Mr. Knight can’t argue with that deal….and I don’t even need a coupon.

I think what really excites me about The List the most is seeing what value people believe their belongings have. The List is really very much business class 101 at its finest: microeconomics, supply and demand, relative pricing.. buyer beware! ….

Anyway, the real fun is comparing all the highly skewed prices from poster to poster. Like said dresser- which I really want to show you -(if i get it today i will) at 45 smackaroos that’s a great deal (if they aren’t pulling my leg). But anyone who has shopped The List with any regularity has seen the “vintage” dresser for some outrageous price- and the seller can’t even explain what makes it vintage – besides the fact that its old and a bit ugly..
The dictionary has about 15 definitions for the word vintage most of which describe wine – but a few pertain to this discussion:

-representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies- (vintage butt ugly plant stand)

-old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes: like the ones my dad tells

-being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O’Neill.

So Buyer Beware is all I can say – if you are shelling big bucks for vintage do your homework-TLC has a good article on what to look for and what to avoid, and of course beware of going into someone’s house because you must have those retro orange chairs they keep in their basement. Make sure you exchange money for item in their driveway unless you are bringing your own knight or some buddy with you!!!
Alas shopping The List can be so complicated …
But at least you don’t need a coupon 🙂

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